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Corinne Kim

I don't know why I bother keeping LJ or fc2blog, especially since I don't ever really use them. LJ is more or less to keep up to date with a few peoples' lives, and yaoi groups. However... fc2blog is officially dead. Too busy tumblring. Don't even know why I re-made deviantart either... ESPECIALLY since I don't really cosplay anymore... Lastly... why twitter? I suppose the only real use for it right now is for instant msg from people or the updates I want on pre-reg for comic-con tickets. Other than that... no real use.

Anyways... my existence will fade away in due time. I think my internet presence is dying. Barely reblogging anything due to sheer laziness. Most of the time, I'm just doing some form of work relating to my travel abroad and etc. Aside from emailing and making final arrangements, I casually check out tumblr or fanfic.com for updates on any Wally/Dick fics.

Oh well... I might become traditional and start mailing letters instead. Oh the hassle... I won't have proper internet for about a month after next week. Gotta buy a new laptop first and then think about hooking up a net service.

Okay... quick update on my life:-

- Came 5th in Royal Sydney Salver
- Came 1st nett winners with my male golf partner in NSW Mixed Foursomes Championships. $300 together. WOOHOO!! (totally worth getting up at 5:30am just to get to New brighton by 7:30am)
- Won Mid week medals comp at my home club. Won't be able to represent district or something because it's in October (complete bummer)
- short game is shit. Long game is better in both distance and consistency

That's just golf...
Now for life.

- my ex contacted me.
- Got my visa last week and booked my tickets. Will be flying on the Friday.
- Been shopping and got heaps of crap.
- Cleaned out my room and chucked out 10 bags of rubbish (70% being cosplay related... what am I talking about? 90% orz)
- Up to Pre-adv 1 in pole now. A bit bummed I won't be here to learn the rest of the Shake it routine (so much sass in that routine) and the beautiful glory box for pre-adv 2 orz
- Saw Cap America with a friend. Was awesome, a bit slow at the beginning, but heaps of fun.
- Saw Green Lantern (advanced screenings) with Jill, aully, James and Steve. Had heaps of fun. The movie was heaps of fun. Not overly amazing but enjoyable. Ryan reynolds being ryan reynolds.

Aside from that... there's nothing else really worth mentioning.

I wouldn't mind if I became one of those people who're too busy to be on the net every night. Instead, reading, studying and making the most out of my time in the US. I think the thought would be rather exciting. Of course I'll miss everyone here. But man... only 16 months though... I hope I make the best out of the opportunity I'm given.

Last entry for awhile...

To all my friends on LJ. I'll keep up to date and check up on you all!! I won't be doing much writing on my part. I seem to loathe and detest my writing skills at this very moment. Need to brush up on my grammar and english for the next 2 months. Seems like the utmost priority right this minute.

Anyways... Adios ~
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Corinne Kim
04 December 2010 @ 08:51 pm
My intuition was correct...

For some odd reason, I had to check out AF scanlation group.

To my dismay... they've become a closed comm....

to make matters worse... I DIDN'T FUCKING JOIN IT!!! *WANGSTS*

I've been watching them for like 3 years... they're one of my favourite scanlation BL groups...

but guess what? I CAN NO LONGER GET THEIR STUFF NOW!!! *cries*

I am forever dead...

Beautiful BL goodness T^T
Corinne Kim
10 June 2010 @ 06:52 pm
I've gotten too lazy with LJ...

I've been blogging most of the time.

if you guys are still interested in following my weekly life, you can find me here:

Corinne Kim
05 April 2010 @ 02:43 am
These are the following fabrics I'm putting up for sale:-
  • Pleather - 4m
  • gold foil - 1m
  • white PVC - 4m
  • blue PVC - 2m
  • Black garbedine - 2m
  • stretch cotton - 2m (width slightly less due to part use)*
  • turquoise knit - 2m
  • ivory panama - 1m
  • Dark green/emerald garbedine - 3m
  • Gray Cotton regenerated fabric (part spandex or rayon?) - 1.5m
  • Pink polyester - 1m (off cut inc = 1.5m)*
  • Red stretch - 1m*
  • blue seaspray stretch - 50cm*
  • pink interlock - 60cm*
  • pink seaspray stretch - 40cm*
  • ivory knit/rib fabric - 40cm
  • melon interlock green - 1m
  • white interlock - 50cm*
  • gold winston satin? - 50cm*
  • shantung gold satin - 50cm* (2 pieces)
  • gold delustered satin - 50cm
  • burgandy red knit - 1.5m
  • dark navy knit - 80cm*
  • stretch purple - 1m
  • black nylon netting  - ?
  • red nylon netting - ?
  • beige fleece - ?
  • black fleece - ?
  • white fleece - ?
  • stretch stripe white/blue gray - 1m*
  • stretch stripe lime green/navy black - 90cm (self dyed green)
  • silver PVC - 1m
  • red drill - 1m
* = off cuts, width less than original amount, USED
? = amount is unknown atm.

  • Yuna wig - brown with blonde high lights, layered and flicked, down to shoulder length. fringe inc. USED
  • Takagi wig - blonde short boys flicky hair? USED
  • Patty/Switzerland wig - dark blonde and just above shoulder length. fringe cut to eye brow length. USED
  • Maru - brand new blue wig with 2 curly 80cm extensions. Perfect for Maru from xxxholix cosplay.
  • Klan - macross frontier. USED
  • Miku - tied up at the sides. 100cm.
  • Miku - 2 extensions 125cm each USED (condition: UNKNOWN)
  • Red boy style short wig. USED
  • Long shoulder length layered blonde wig. USED
  • Yoko - gun, outfit, accessories and boots included. wig included if wanted. SELLING
  • Songstress Yuna - hair extension, cosplay and wig included. SELLING
  • China - whole outfit, basket, new panda-chan? SELLING
  • Road Kamelot - wig, cosplay, lero, socks, ribbon. SELLING
  • Princess Tutu - tutu, accessories, wig. SELLING
  • Misaki bear suit - bear suit + ribbon. SELLING
  • Ranka seikan hikou outfit - GIVING AWAY Taken by Miyu
  • Magnet miku - dress, headphones. SELLING
  • Miku Hatsune - cosplay (only tie, top and skirt with side thingy). GIVING AWAY
  • Halibel - make up, cosplay, accessories, wig, weapon. SELLING
  • Debitto - jacket. SELLING. Rest of the costume, comes with jacket free of cost.
  • Echo - costume. SELLING Taken by Miyu
  • Saito Hajime (Hakuouki - shinsengumi outfit) - fabric and half made yukata. SELLING
  • Kuchiha - white yukata, side blue thingy, bandages. SELLING
  • Majoko - top, maybe skirt (if Road isn't sold), socks, ribbon, wig. SELLING
  • Misaki artbook - top, pants, hat. SELLING
  • Patty - pants. SELLING
  • Six - top, pants x 2, collar. SELLING
  • Klan (SMS) - GIVING AWAY. (WARNING... It is falling apart GG)
  • Mushroom Heartless - whole thing. SELLING
Other stuff:-
  • Fruits Basket vol.1-14 (1-12  tokyopop, 13-14 Chung Yi) ENG.
  • Gintama vol.1 ENG.
  • Reborn vol.1,2,21,22 (vol.1,2,21 in mint condition. vol. 22 opened) JAP.
  • DGM vol. 1,2,17 (vol.1,2 opened, 17 mint condition) JAP.
  • Bitter by Haruka Minami (opened) JAP.
  • Renai a la carte by Haruka Minami (opened) JAP.
  • Love Round by Hinako Takanaga (opened) ENG.
  • You will fall in love by Hinako Takanaga (opened) ENG.
  • Kohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku vol. 3 (opened) ENG.
  • Full House by Woon Soo Yeon vol.1-3 (opened) ENG.
If you're interested, please leave a comment or email me on: aya.das.verboten.tanzer@gmail.com

I'll send you pictures of whatever you request so you get a better idea of what it is. Plus the cost as well. Whatever I can't sell I'll prolly give away.

Also have masses of off cuts and left over material, which I'll look at and see what I can sell/give away.

Thanx guys <3

Rinne ~
Corinne Kim
08 February 2010 @ 01:01 am


Header by xtainted_blackx


Hey minnai! This is a friend's only journal, so if you want to see my stuff, add me. However, I need to know who you are. I get iffy sometimes. All my stuff are under friend's only, so ya =3 If you want me to add you, comment on this entry and state who you are.

Much appreciated <3

Rinne ~

Corinne Kim
26 January 2010 @ 12:01 am
I've decided not to post any of my emotional drabble or random ranting here anymore.

The only thing I'm gonna use this LJ for is cosplay progress or organising events and meet ups.

Which means... there's little use for me to use this now, isn't it?

All of my actual entries will be on my blog. it's easier that way, to type up things how I feel in a form of blog entries.

Sorry for all the page rapeage over the 2-3 years guys =3=
Corinne Kim
31 December 2009 @ 11:55 pm
'09 Reflection - thnks fr th mmrsCollapse )
New Years resolution '10Collapse )cosplay list for '10Collapse )
Also... putt putt for the 6th of January. Meeting in the afternoon. Heads up for those who are interested.
Corinne Kim
08 February 2009 @ 01:36 am
I'm back in Sydney!!! AND I'M ALREADY RAGING!!!! *faceplants into a rock*


Soooo much drama, my mind has imploded....

First thing I did after I turned on my computer.... download everything I missed lawl >DDD

Lawl >D My mum is watching Hana Yori Dango Korean version. MELIA!!! There's a korean name apparently >D anyways, gotta watch that when I borrow number 1 (since mum already returned it OTL).

Well... ASSUMING that Smash will be early August (thought it'd be 8th cuz of Minhhhhh *gargles water). After being told off about it, I'm sorry for saying it, just cuz I said it after reading my friend's journal. But then again, no one is stupid enough to believe a date unless they double check on the actual website. Anyways, it was an assumption, so bleh D< *gets raped by Aly tentacles*

Still, fuck you winter cons D< WHY ARE THEY ALL CLOSE TOGETHER?!! I don't care if Manifest is a fail con! It shall be epic with the power of the House of Smex!!! *shines in the light* Plus, I want to see the epic awesome people I love, so I don't care about the con. Like heck, Waicon was fun, but meh.... but I loved it because of the people!!!!! Perth was amazingly fun. I'll write a proper journal tomorrow about it.

Man, it means i'll be hording people at my place lawl >DDD Sydney is awesome because we have places to horde people in XD

Man, I just barely caught up with the anime I missed. OTL I need to check manga updates, read bleach and Reporn, download scanlated yaoi and the shiz. Don't have enough space to finish downloading Soul Eater that I missed. I'll delete death note off my external, I don't care about DN anyways.... I'll get it off someone else eventually lawl >D

Seriously, I have a feeling I'll be making enemies this year... Oh well, like I care. No one remembers me. I mean, for god sake, people thought I was Jill xDDD I love you Jill <333 You're so awesome and cute >w< But yes, I hope I don't get as far as that. But drama gets me all raged up and I implode OTL gah.... cosplays OTL

Man, I have agreed to cosplay Klan Klan from Macross Frontier XD Obviously her cute and annoying form XD I also wanna do Ranka, even tho I can't do justice to her *gets harpooned by mother* By far, the best Ranka will be Jill <333 She is Ranka <333 nyan nyan <333

NYAH >W< I got some awesome Code Geass and Gundam 00 posters from the anime shop in Perth <333 They're not for me lawl >D They're for my epic friends I love <3 Also, I bought Gundam 00 just cuz I remembered all the cosplays that everyone did and it made me happy ^^ but man, the code geass stuff!!! *dies* sooo many stuff >D Only things I bought for myself were the AS wall hanging, Reporn and DGM rings >w< I wish I saved up and bought the toys from the other store *A* I'll abuse Melia and ask her to get me the other stuff hehehe *gets raped by an octopus*

I already miss Perth T^T I miss the house of smex <333 soooo many wigs and stuff for peoples *A* SHAZZIE!!! I HAS YOUR WIG!!! I'll give it to you at Animania V-day meet up if you're coming to it!!! or something like that XD

I MISS YOU MELIA!!!!! T^T My bed is going to be so lonely without you <333

I want to watch moar Macross, but I had church tomorrow *emos* At least I'll be seeing Tsuki-chan tomorrow!!! yay <333 *happy dances*

Gosh.... now to add Hibari, Ranka and Klan Klan to my list XD

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Corinne Kim
07 January 2009 @ 12:30 pm
Remember how I was telling people that I was thinking about making a newsletter for yaoi manga with reviews?

Well.... scrap that idea >D

I'd decided to create  LJ community for it instead orz >D Unfortunately, it's got a age restriction thing (I think) since little kiddies shouldn't be reading it >D

Anyways, here's the link :


Basically, it's a community where I post up reviews of different yaoi mangas, with small plotlines and stuff. Of course there'll be the link to the scanlators, but that's all. You'll need to find it from there, whether it's to join their forums, or to go on their irc channels. Anyways, I'll see if I can post some stuff up on there tonight, since a few reviews have been completed orz >D

Anyways, this is just for those who are interested of course ;)
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Corinne Kim
24 December 2008 @ 11:53 pm
Wishing you all a very Merry Kurisumasu ~

I wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season <3 I'm sorry for a lot of things. I'm sorry that I've been a horrible friend for not sending out presents, cards and such things. This year was a mess, both financially and emotionally, so I hope you guys forgive me.

Anyways, I miss you all and I hope you all have a lovely break for Christmas and New years. Another post will be up for New Years, so don't worry orz >D

I can't wait till New Years... I wanna start afresh with a proper New Years resolution >D Like making more effort with everyone, especially with my friends. So for Valentines Day, be prepared to try my home made Valentines choco ;P

I love you all <3 Have a safe Christmas and I hope to see some of you these holidays <333 *hugs & extreme molestation*

RANDOM RANT: WTF?! Where is Su-san? Finland and Sealand?!!! T^T Slightly disappointed with the Hetalia character designs. The independent nations of Estonia and Latvia don't look moe anymore =_____= wait.... WTF?!!! WHERE WAS LITHUANIA?!!! OTL
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